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video preview unnecessarily running when scheduler is on
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Author:  darengr [ Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  video preview unnecessarily running when scheduler is on

I am evaluating Campermanent demo version 2.6, and I run onto this situation:
I schedule to video record 2 cameras to start recording at 0,15,30,45 minutes. This is working, but all the other time, from the moment I run the application, it starts pulling the images from the cameras ALL the time, not only at the minutes I want it to record.
This is consuming my bandwidth, and I see no reason why the system is previewing (so transfering) the images from the cameras, when I have set no preview or any other activity, but only the scheduler.
My actual case is to have the application always running, and record images when a store is closed, so only at night. At day, I need the WAN network free for other applications to work!!!
If previewing was NOT started together with the scheduler, then the system would pull only the required images, not all the time.
Is there a solution, or could there be one in the next version, because this actually stops me from buying the system.
Many thanks for any reply,

Author:  Marc [ Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:45 am ]
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thank you for this suggestion.
Yes at the moment preview must be enabled if the scheduler is working. The program is always receiving images from the camera if preview is enabled.
But you can reduce the receiving interval to save bandwidth.

This could be improved, that only images are received in case of scheduler (motion detector) action.
I have noticed this!


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