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CamLAN stops pulling camera image from one D-Link camera
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Author:  SFX Group [ Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  CamLAN stops pulling camera image from one D-Link camera


Ive been running this a while, it works very well, however there seems to be a "bug".

First the setup is this, server pulls 2 images from 2 cameras (1 is D-Link 2100 the other is Vivotek server).

they both use the http://ipaddress/cgi-bin/video.jpg method for images every second, this works, both have username and passwords this also works.

Setup CamLAN and it works, after a random time (hours or days sometimes) only the Vivotek stays working from the server, the D-Link (camera=1) stops pulling the images, it just keeps seving an old image with the text overlay.

Starting and stopping each camera in the software does not fix it, re-entering the usernamd and password for this camera does not fix it. So far only re-starting the server (hardware) fixes the problem.

If i then take the same URL and put it in to IE on that server with the same username and password, it gets the correct new image, so why isnt CamLAN doing it?

Whats odd is the CamLAN software still works, you will see the "overlay" i have put on the image is still updating on the "old" image from the camera. i have put the links here

Send over a few things to test please, as a note te time the camera puts on the image (top left) is GMT, the real time put on by CamLAN is top right and is 1 hour ahead of the Camera. Its the times that gave away there being a problem, otherwise i would have never had known about this issue... (this is the problem camera) (this one works fine)

You will likly find they are both working fine as i NEED them to work so will restart the machine everytime i spot this, but i shouldnt be doing this to the server.

Author:  SFX Group [ Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:23 am ]
Post subject: 


If i stop and restart the application this also fixes the problem....

However still need to know whats creating the problem....

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