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ESCAM Brick QD900 WiFi Camera URL for video in Camperm
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Author:  gwnys [ Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  ESCAM Brick QD900 WiFi Camera URL for video in Camperm

I use CamPermanent for a security system at home. Viewing in two rows of three while I'm home and recording permanent video or motion captures while we're gone.

I decided to add another camera to the current six. I wanted a white housing for where it was to be placed and decided on a type/brand I haven't dealt with before. Lots of options and a web browser UI accessed with an IP and port. So I thought it'd be as easy to get running as the others were.


Its an ESCAM Brick QD900. Picture in the web browser is awesome. But I have spent several hours on getting it to be found by CamPerm and have not been successful. Haven't found help history in the group here so I thought I'd ask.

I have used both help options on SKJM-iCam and none of their suggestions on that page worked. Tried the option that searches for the cam via its known static IP, but it didn't find it, so no help there either. Camera brand is not listed on Crazy Pixels nor SKJM-iCam.

Any ideas...anyone? :?:

Author:  gwnys [ Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ESCAM Brick QD900 WiFi Camera URL for video in Camperm

Still not able to get this to work with Camperm!

The ESCAM company finally replied, and they said to try this:
"rtsp://" I got in using the OBVIF port address too. And both these ports will allow for using the /11 or /12 for main stream or sub stream.(escam qd900 allows for different resolution setting and accessed via these different stream, has a third stream for mobile device res' too)

Now the above recommended address does allow for some software that I have been using for troubleshooting to access the camera, namely Genius Vision NVR, it still doesn't fix the problem with Cam Permanent to function.

I thought the NVR software might allow me to find some info, maybe even an address, to use in Camperm but nope. And I don't care if it now works with NVR or any other software. My security system is done using Crazy Pixels software!

So we're still stumped.

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