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connect camlan or campermanent 3.0.1using Video Network
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Author:  asimports [ Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:58 pm ]
Post subject:  connect camlan or campermanent 3.0.1using Video Network

I am trying to stream a webcam from my Lapto (server) to the PC Client
They appear to connect and the cam appears to transmit Cam picture send to video server is ticked and the bars go up and down in the laptop software.

The server software again appears to connet and each shows 1 connected. However were does the cam appear it is not in the video device tab.

Having said that i can connect using Network cam and remote cam using the web server but this picure is jerky even if you alter frame rate. I have a Philips SPC900NC webcam and have called Philips to get the IP Address string but no luck so it is not really streaming just jpg after jpg

I must be doing something basically wrong and I really would like it realtime streaming on the video tab If I can get it right I will go ahead and purchase it

Please help I have been on this for over 10 Days



Author:  asimports [ Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: connect camlan or campermanent 3.0.1using Video Network


I thought I had better answer my own question now I have it sorted, The online instructions are quite dreadful

This is how to stream a webcam from one networked pc to another using Campermanent, Cam universal or Camlan the method is the same for each.

Install any of the combinations of the 3 programs on to the 2 pc's.

On the transmitting pc, open new camera and select the middle tab (Video Device) select your webcam from the Video device and press ok the window will popup with the webcam running.

Go to settings then video network and start the server with the IP address of the sending machine. Then this is the strange bit that isnt mentioned anywhere. Start the Client with the IP address of the sending machine they should both be running and look at the yellow and green bars a black dot should be running up and down.

Important save the camera and settings, it is best in settings to start with the server and client swithched on so that on a reboot you dont have to go and reset it manually.

Over to the recieving PC. select the video network setting and start the Client (bottom button) set to the IP of the transmitting pc. Green bars with a black dot shouls be running now.

Go to add camera but this time on the remote camera, right hand tab, click connect to the remote server and the name of your camera should appear in the box. do all the saving and it should be job done.

Its a good little security program because you can detach the windows and put them on the desktop without all the other cumbersome stuff arround it.

I hope it helps someone its taken days to sort out because you dont expect the server and client to have the same IP on the same machine

Good luck

Author:  Marc [ Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: connect camlan or campermanent 3.0.1using Video Network


thank you for the description.

I think the online instruction is very easy to understand and to reproduce.
Each single step is mentioned.
Have a look here:

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