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WCCC - very balky...
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Author:  fluke [ Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:53 am ]
Post subject:  WCCC - very balky...

Well, I've purchased this program to see if the email feature works well.

Answer: no.

The program freezes, keeps crashing, etc.
Whenever the program crashes, it either goes back to the original settings, or the ones it had before it crashed the >>previous<< time - in other words, any changes done during that session are lost.

If you want to make changes to the program, you have to make one change at a time, then close it and start it up again, to ensure that WHEN the program crashes (not if), you don't have to do a whole lot of resetting of filenames and so on. Speaking of file names, this program is dead set on staying on the C drive - I tried moving the storage of the pictures taken by motion activation to another drive, and the program keeps freezing.

The emailed pictures when emailed using motion detection cut off the last letter of the file name ie: jpg becomes jp, gif become gi, bmp become bm, etc. BM is about the way I feel about this program right now.

Version of the program is 7.1 - Creation date Wednesday December 3 2008.

So, Matt - any suggestions on how you can fix this up?

I've checked and double checked all file names for spelling errors - everything seems okay. The dat files don't tell me much, so that won't help.

Later observation: I had two email addresses to which I wanted pictures sent. I deleted one of them and voila - the problem about stripping the last character from the filename disappeared. Matt - you may want to check the syntax - too much chop/chomp/truncate/whatever is happening, I think....

Hoping that you can shed some light on these difficulties....

Frank Luke

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