Main Window

You see with one look, which cameras are available! 

Samples for the Picture Capturing

with text output, good quality

with reduced quality

as grayscale

with an overlay image

with your logo

logo with transparency

text with background

text with background

background is transparent

Video Recording with Timestamp

It is possible to print a timestamp into all your recorded videos. The text ouput could be the current time, date a self defined text and additional you could print your logo into the video!

Video Window

Here you see the current video source. You can select always on top for this window to see at every moment what's happening. For each camera you can select if you want to see the video window or not, no matter if the motion detector or scheduler is running or not.


The video windows can appear with a caption or without, with a buttonbar or without, topmost or not. From the buttonbar you could direct start the main functions. The buttonbar from a TV Tuner window owns three additional buttons to select the programs and mute the audio.


If you have the ActiveDesktop enabled, you can place the video window into the ActiveDesktop.Then the video window lays behind all program windows and behind the desktop icons. You can stretch the video window so that the video window takes the place of your desktop image!


Combine the Video Windows

You can combine the video windows on your desktop in different ways, to see always several videos at one moment. The video windows can fill the screen like the monitor of a doorman or they can appear where you want.


Zoom into the Video Window

With the middle mousebutton you could zoom into the video window. Press the middle mousebutton (the cursor changes into a cross), move the mouse and release the button.

Integrated Webserver

Use the integrated Webserver to view all camera videos in your Internet browser and control the cameras from remote.

Media Viewer

With the Media Viewer you could view all captured pictures and recorded videos.