Main Window

You see with one look, what cameras are available, in which mode they are running, how often the motion detector has tested for motion, how many motions are detected and more.

Video Window

Here you see the current video source. You can select always on top for this window to see at every moment what's happening. For each camera you can select if you want to see the video window or not, no matter if the motion detection is running or not.

Video Window with picture difference

Display the current picture difference within the video window while motion detection is running. So you see in realtime which parts of the video are changing. This could be important for the adjustment of the motion detection settings.


Video Window while AVI video recording

If video recording is active, it appears a < REC > on the left side in the caption.

Combine the Video Windows

You can combine the video windows on your desktop in different ways, to see always several videos at one moment. The video windows can fill the screen like the monitor of a doorman or they can appear where you want.

Zoom into the Video Window

You can easy zoom with the right mouse button into an area of the video window.